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Children’s Program Update September 14, 2014

Last Sunday, we talked about how Jesus got angry with his disciples for telling him to go-easy on the stories where he makes out he’s the son of God, because that is bound to get him into big trouble with the authorities. Jesus told them that they can get with the program or get lost. While this story reveals many things, we chose to focus it on conflict. We created cards that told something that we felt was incredibly important to us, and created another that told something that we were very much afraid of. No one put names on anything. We read each one with the intention of putting them into groups- but lo and behold, there were no two cards a like enough to do that! I asked the kids to look at me and guess which cards I’d written, just by looking at me. No one could guess; we couldn’t guess anyone else’s either. We learned that when we are in conflict with another person we each bring these things with us: our most important things and our greatest fears and the only way we are going to really problem solve, is to Read More    

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