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Children’s Program Update September 21, 2014

Last Sunday, we talked about doing the right thing. The 3-5 year olds saw a puppet performance about doing the right thing, even if you’re the only one. We decided its hard to do the right thing sometimes when other people are pulling you in a different direction. You have to go to that quiet place inside and look into your heart to find your own truth. We did a guided meditation where we pictured our truth in our heart expanding and expanding. One child exclaimed, “My heart’s getting bigger!” We finished up our morning by drawing what we felt in our heart today, from family love to big red licorice!

The 5-12 year olds talked about how sometimes knowing what the “right thing” is or even caring about what’s right can be difficult. When we talked about why it might be important to do the right thing, it was interesting- most of the students thought it was important because doing the “right” thing meant you wouldn’t get into trouble. When we talked about why we were even talking about this stuff, it lead to a conversation about why we come to church; Read More    

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