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Children’s Program Update September 28, 2014

Last week, we talked about integrity. We heard a story about an emperor who needed to find an heir and he challenged the children in his village to nurture and grow a plant with a seed he’d give them. The children gathered every week to compare plants which were all growing and thriving, all of them except for one child, Ling’s. Nothing grew in Ling’s pot no matter how tenderly he took care of it. He felt horrible. The day came for the children to gather for the emperor and show him the results of their labors. The emperor asked Ling why his pot was empty and Ling told him the seed was still there, but wouldn’t grow, even though he watered it and took care of it every day. The emperor took most of the day to look at all the plants the children had grown and by nightfall he was ready to announce who his heir would be. He told the villagers he was very proud that his people were so attentive and could grow such amazing plants, but the seeds he’d given the children had been boiled before they’d been handed out, so Read More    

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