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Montopolis Friendship Community Center Plea

  • To: All Austin-Area United Methodist Churches and UMW Units
  • From: Your Montopolis Friendship Community Center Board
  • Re: Help needed to expand the Early Childhood Development Center Program at MFCC

You may remember that in January 2013, the Montopolis FCC Board made ea special plea for donations to put on a new roof! The $4500 needed came in a few months, plus a little extra, which was used to replace a window air conditioner/heater in the Colorado Hall and to pay for several other need repairs. Also, due to your past generosity, the precious children attending our early childhood program and neighborhood children continue to enjoy the wonderful playscape at MFCC!

We now have a new need for MFCC that is not covered in our current budget, a goal which board members have been working toward for several years. MFCC Board Member Tracy Burger and others have spent countless hours completing the necessary paperwork and physical repairs so that our Early Childhood Development Center would meet ALL licencing requirements! This has been accomplished and the MFCC Board voted unanimously on August 28, 2014 to expand classes from two days to four days per week beginning in January 2015. This will be a wonderful thing for Read More    

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