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Diversity, Dignity, and Dialogue – October 20th at 7 pm

On September 29th, Trinity held a meeting called Diversity, Dignity, and Dialogue: Learning from Ferguson. What came out of that meeting were two key thoughts:

  • Faith communities must lead the way in bringing together people from all walks of life. Coming together to get to know one another as individual human beings and celebrating common ground and differences is crucial.
  • It is time for action, for drawing a line in the sand and saying the violence, discrimination, and degradation of people based on ethnicity or skin color must stop.

Trinity has long been a leader in celebrating differences, in particular in the LGBTQ community. Our leadership team has been working hard to broaden our work to include programs for self-awareness and intra-personal growth as a foundation for authentically attracting and integrating diversity. As a community of activists, that growth will help us in our efforts to affect change in our community.

The Learning from Ferguson meeting made it very clear that we have to do more. The group of folks who met came from several area churches, including Wesley UMC, St. John’s UMC, and University UMC, as well as from the community at-large. Hearing stories and feeling the emotions from the people who attended Read More    

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