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Focus on the Environment on Sundays at 9:30!


This Sunday the Social Justice Class will continue our discussion on Environmentalism with a discussion on Solar Power and our houses. We will also continue our discussion about water and Texas in the next couple weeks and will be reflecting on our own spiritual relationship with the environment. All are welcome at 9:30 every Sunday, Deana

Tikkun Magazine, May/June 2006

Spirit Matters: Selections from forthcoming books, articles, and talks

Environmentalism as Spirituality

Excerpt from A Greener Faith: Religious Environmentalism and Our Planet’s Future by Roger S. Gottlieb. (June 2006, Oxford University Press)

  1. Pursued by his enemies, afraid for his life and his throne, King David experienced a moment of grace which he recorded in a poetic prayer that has given people comfort for centuries: “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want,” says the Twenty-third Psalm, indicating a trust in God marked by gratitude and serenity. When a follower of the Buddha finally entered into meditation fully, he told a friend that he was able to let go of any sense of “I am this, this is mine, this is my self.” When the orchestra and chorus burst into the Et Resurrexit section of the Bach B Minor Mass—an explosive Read More      

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