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Spring Retreat Registration

Join us for our Spring 2015 Retreat THE GREAT RETURN: Personal Transformation and the Return of the Human Species to the Cycle of Life

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, May 15th through 17th

Retreat fee $40, includes Friday evening, Saturday all day with lunch and snacks provided.

To register, use this link

On our retreat, we will explore these two proposals:

1) The lion’s share of our emotional and physical problems stem from our estrangement from nature’s circle of life.

2) The most natural movement on the planet is to push out of the box of our usual identity to the deeper place that is our essence, our spiritual DNA. This deeper place calls us to the Great Return of being part of the flow of our planet’s life.

In that sense we are part of the Great Return of humans to Nature herself. In that continued sense we become a healing context for all who join in this return.

Retreat Schedule:

Friday Night: 7:00pm – 9:00pm pm at Trinity

A Great Return team from the Earthtribe will speak and lead small group experiences

Saturday: 10:00am* – 6:00pm in Wimberley (*Carpool from Trinity meets at 8:30am)

Morning: A panel discussion on Consciousness and The Great Return, Read More      

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