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Two Ways You Can Act to Support Social Justice

Urgent Action Requests
Methodist Federation for Social Action

Rio Texas Chapter

Mobilizing people within the United Methodist Church to act
on issues of justice, peace, and reconciliation in the church, nation, and world.

End Family Detention in Dilley! Travel Updates.

Join United Methodists, the immigrant and faith community

in Dilley, Texas to End Family Detention

May 2, 2015

“My sister has been incarcerated for 9 months. What did she do to deserve this? She was escaping a terrible violence and now she is living another nightmare at Karnes with her son.” Ana Jovel, sister of a detained mother, detained with her 10 year old son.

Join United Methodists, faith and immigrant groups for a march and protest in Dilley, Texas on Saturday, May 2. We will be there to protest the shameful practice of family detention. In collaboration with a coalition of national advocacy and faith groups, we will converge on the Dilley detention camp (a former “man camp” for oil workers) which is now being built into the largest immigrant detention center in the U.S.

Help us amplify the voices of the mothers and children detained at Dilley and in Karnes City, Texas and Berks, Pennsylvania. We Read More      

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