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Trinity Games Night, Fri. October 2 at Lancaster’s 7-10

Trinity Ninja Gamers,

Are you ready for the gaming challenge of a lifetime (or at least the month)?
If so then you must overcome the 4 stages of Mt. Lancaster!

Stage 1 requires navigating a tricky combination of personal scheduling, a maze of Austin streets, and daunting traffic.
You must end up at the following address sometime around 7 PM or later on Friday, October 2nd, something only a relatively few of Trinity folks have attempted.

John and Sharon Lancaster’s house
Stage 2 is a test of culinary fortitude as you encounter a variety of tempting drinks and treats. Can you handle them without becoming too stuffed to continue? You may bring your own goodies in an attempt to lull your opponents into a happy stupor.

Stage 3 begins the real trial as you compete in one or maybe even two contests of skill and luck (otherwise know as board and card games) in which only the cream of the crop will emerge victorious.

Stage 4 is the ultimate test as you attempt to stand atop the mountain of good will and praise that you have earned during your valiant game play. And then you go home Read More      

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