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United Farm Worker March – 50th Anniversary

Join us to celebrate the farm workers’ historic struggle at a commemoration and march on Sunday, September 11th, 2016, and to support their continuing struggle for justice in the fields.

12:00pm – Dedication of memorial plaque (at Ragsdale Student Center, St Ed’s, 1st floor)

12:15pm – Program on the Quad at St Ed’s

1:00pm – Start of 4-mile march to the Capitol from St. Ed’s

4:00pm – Rally at the Capitol

Let us continue the struggle of the Starr County farm workers, who led a strike in the melon fields in the summer of 1966, and then marched 400 miles, beginning on July 4, from the Valley to Austin, and arriving at the Capitol on Labor Day 1966. When they arrived, 10,000 people joined the last 4 miles of the march from St. Edward’s University to the Capitol.

Their struggle for economic justice was the beginning of the United Farm Workers union in Texas and sparked the Chicano movement. They laid the foundation in the fight for justice that continues today in the struggle for a living wage, $15/hour.

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