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Spring Classes Begin March 10 and 13

Our Spring adult programming begins next week!

Our first offering is a Sunday morning class starting March 10 during our normal Adult Sunday School hour, 10:00am.

Deep and Wide is not just a Trinity 101 course, though it certainly is that. The class is also a primer of core beliefs and values: in essence, the anchors of what it means to be a part of this community.

March 10: Divinity Everywhere (Creation Spirituality)
March 17: Voices from the Margins (Liberation Theology)
March 24: Mythologically Speaking (Spiritual Development)
March 31: Upholding the Beloved Community (Community Values)
April 7: Journey Inward, Journey Outward (Spirituality and Action)
April 14: The Underground River (Interfaith Connections)


We will also be offering two options for Wednesday night classes starting March 13. Classes will run through April 10.

DRINKS AND DESSERT will be provided during the gathering hour at 6:00pm. You are invited to BRING YOUR DINNER along and enjoy social time before class begins at 7:00pm.

Children’s activities will be available with registration by 3/6/19. Class registration is $20 per person. Copies of THE ACCIDENTAL UNIVERSE are $13 each and can be picked up on Sunday 3/10 or Wednesday 3/13.



In this five-week class, Sid Hall will lead the group in a discussion on one of his favorite books by physicist and fiction writer Alan Lightman, THE ACCIDENTAL UNIVERSE.

With passion and curiosity, Lightman explores the emotional and philosophical questions raised by recent discoveries in science. He looks at the dialogue between science and religion; the conflict between our human desire for permanence and the impermanence of nature; the possibility that our universe is simply an accident; the manner in which modern technology has separated us from direct experience of the world; and our resistance to the view that our bodies and minds can be explained by scientific logic and laws.

More about Lightman: “A theoretical physicist as well as a writer, he has served on the faculties of Harvard and MIT, where he was the first person to receive a dual faculty appointment in science and the humanities.” “Lightman is one of the few physicists who can name-check the Dalai Lama, astronomer Henrietta Leavitt, Dostoevsky, and dark energy in the same work, while deftly guiding readers through discussions of modern physics and philosophy.” (Book Review)


For many years at the summer gatherings in Chautauqua, N.Y., Bishop John Shelby Spong has been Chautauqua’s most popular speaker. Last summer (2018), Spong gave the very last of those talks. They were delivered with his usual intelligence, open-mindedness, and breathtaking gusto.

Bob and Light German, who are part of our congregation, have been privileged to hear these talks and have provided us with their videos twice in the past.

Now they will share, for the third and final time, four videos of last summer’s Spong lectures (divided up into five Wednesday night sessions), with ample time for group discussion afterward.

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