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Dreams of Trinity’s Future Town Hall & Potluck 11/9

Saturday, Nov. 9, 12:00-4:00pm

Last May, leadership and group process facilitators Larry & Evelyn Philbrook led the Trinity Leadership Council in a Visioning Retreat. During our time together several issues rose to the top regarding concern for our future:

– Building and Grounds: Are we located where we need to be to do the kind of ministry we’re called to? How do we grow attendance in worship when our parking is at 100% most Sundays at the 11am service? Can we continue the risk-taking and progressive ministries that are important to us with mounting costs related to old facilities that are in a constant state of disrepair? –

– How do we strengthen our small groups ministry so that new people coming into the church find places to land where they feel supported with a strong sense of community?

– Sid, who has been our senior pastor since 1988, plans to retire in a couple of years. Who are we apart from his leadership? How can we best prepare for such a huge transition in a way that strengthens Trinity, adequately deals with grief, and celebrates all that we’ve been together for the last three and half decades?

– We have a strong brand and identity as a community. What can we do that we’re not already doing or what can we improve upon to get that word out?

These are some of the big issues we face. On Saturday, November 9, Larry & Evelyn Philbrook will be back with us. In the morning they will convene the Leadership Council for further discussion; in the afternoon they will lead a Town Hall meeting for anyone from Trinity interested in joining in the discussion. All are welcome and encouraged to be part of the afternoon conversation.

Please bring a dish to serve 6-8 and an ingredient list if possible to protect our friends with allergies.

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