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Update on Trinity’s Coronavirus Response

Trinity Church of Austin is a congregation affiliated with the United Methodist Church and the United Church of Christ. We are keeping up with recommendations from both the UCC and the UMC on safety during the COVID-19 emergency.

Bishop Schnase of the Rio Texas Conference of the UMC made a statement this week regarding worship during the pandemic. He reminds us that—regardless of what our Governor and Lieutenant Governor have said about opening up churches for worship and other activities—our first rule as Wesleyan Christians is to “do no harm.” Working towards reopening should be done intentionally with careful consideration given to local circumstances and ministry context. This is in part to protect those most vulnerable to the virus, many of whom are participants in our churches’ ministries.

The bishop strongly encourages churches to continue their current distancing practices, meeting only remotely, until May 31. These recommendations are in line with those from the UCC. Until further notice, Trinity Church of Austin will continue to worship, meet for groups and classes, and conduct meetings online only.

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