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Change Begins at Home: Stewardship 2021

Pledge your time, talent, and treasure online

Dear Trinity Family,

I am yearning to be with you, yearning for us all to be back together face-to-face. In some ways, the almost six months since we met in person feels like a bad and confusing dream, like we’ve fallen through a looking glass into a strange place with a whole different set of rules. In other ways, our experience is all too real: real people are sick or dying all around us, some of us have had the coronavirus ourselves, and the news is full of cruelty and violence, exposing the systemic racism that has been a part of our country for hundreds of years. If these weren’t dire enough, we have constant reminders that climate change is real. Mother Earth is crying out in pain with hurricanes ravaging the Gulf coast, record-breaking temperatures searing Texas, and fires raging in California. Even if we are fortunate enough to have a steady income or work from home, anxiety and loneliness permeate our whole being. If your parenting has now crowded your work life with homeschooling, you are especially in my thoughts. If you even have time to read this letter, God bless you!

So—how are you? I really want to know. Are you staying connected to others in the Trinity community through our online Sunday worship at 11:00am or online Sunday School classes, small groups, and special classes? Or, for a casual chat, join me on Thursdays at 10:30am for an online “Coffee with Sid.” E-mail for links and more information.

You may not know this, but I have stayed connected with you in a very deliberate way. If you received this letter in the mail, you are on our mailing list. At least once a month, I focus in on every single family and every person in your family, visualizing your face, listening for your voice in my head, and praying for you. It doesn’t feel like enough, but it is one simple way to be your pastor, to love you, and to hug you virtually. Please remember that if you want to meet with me directly, I am just an email or phone call away. I want to visit with you.

You may be wondering how you can support Trinity and our mission of justice and inclusiveness from home. I want to remind you of what you’ve done since March. In pre-COVID days, Hope Food Pantry volunteers typically provided groceries for 200 families per week. Because of your donations and a generous grant from the non-profit Good Apple, Hope stepped up their output and served 2000 families per week for several months. Even though the church was empty of worship, classes, camps, and school activities, the building was abuzz with volunteers and loving hearts. By continuing to support Trinity with your generous gifts, you not only kept the air conditioning on for Hope Food Pantry during the summer heat, but you fed tens of thousands of people in a time when they most needed it. Additionally, because of our commitment to our hourly childcare workers, we have continued to pay them as if they were working with our kids directly. It has been the right thing to do. Finally, as you know from our virtual services on Sundays, we have continued to take up special offerings to support the many causes that help define our commitment as a justice-centered church. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Metaphorically, the change we seek in the world always starts at home. Our values, our vision of how the world can be, and our commitment to what Jesus called the kin-dom of God—especially when it is least visible—are defined in our hearts long before we pick up a sign at a march or write a check. However, in these days of pandemic, change literally begins at home.

September is Stewardship Month, when we consider what we will pledge in time, talent, and treasure to support Trinity in the coming year. Please join me in wrestling with it, praying about it, and then giving those gifts that transform what begins at home into real, lasting change for our world.

And now—

may the peace of God go with us,                                                       

may the power of God sustain us,

and may the love of God keep us together forever.



Pledge your time, talent, and treasure online

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