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Trinity Anti-Racist Action Survey & Reports

Last fall, Trinity held a small group churchwide study of the anti-racism book Me and White Supremacy by Layla Saad. Below is a report of the conversation that occurred when the groups came together at the end of the study, as well as proposed actions that Trinity members and friends can undertake as individuals or as part of future working groups. As one participant wrote:

…It is not enough to not be a member of a neo-Nazi group. That’s not even the baseline. As white people, we benefit from a system that promotes so many things we disagree with, disavow, and find unacceptable. Figuring out how to push back against that is deeply important. It is time to be working with those making the changes that need to happen.

Anti-Racism Group Study Report

Anti-Racism Suggested Actions – Group & Individual

All Trinity members and friends are invited to prayerfully consider 3 anti-racist actions that you could commit to. Please fill out the survey below; we hope to identify 3 actions for Trinity to undertake together in 2021.

Anti-Racist Actions: Survey

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