God loves kids.

So do we.

Children at Trinity participate actively in the life of the church.

At Trinity everyone is welcome and accepted for who they are, especially our kids.

Come to us messy, tired, and cranky. You can come to us on good days and you can come to us on bad days. We want kids at Trinity to feel safe, comfortable, and affirmed for being their truest selves. God loves your children and your family for who you are, and Trinity does too.  

Here are some suggestions for families with young children:

Grab a cup of coffee or tea to have during church. Sit down and breathe.  

Your babies and toddlers are welcome to stay with you or to go to the nursery.  Do whatever works best for your family. If you decide to try the nursery and your child isn’t comfortable,  we will let you know.

The restrooms are located in the back of the church near the kitchen.  There is a diaper changer in the accessible, all gender restroom.

Your child is welcome to eat and/or nurse during worship as well.  If you want a private place to nurse, feel free to use one of the empty classrooms in the same hallway as the restroom.  A Trinity member will be more than happy to help you find the best place for you and your baby.

It’s okay for your kids to make some noise during worship.  We always like to hear the cooing and we don’t mind the crying.  You are welcome to get up and walk around if that helps your child.

We want your child to feel welcome at Trinity, especially in worship.  Feel free to sit up close where your child can see and quietly explain the parts of the service so your child can participate.  Let them sing, let them dance, let them learn with all of us. We believe children are a vital part of our community and their presence enriches our time together in worship.  

Check our Sunday schedule for children’s programming times