Worship Celebrations and Adult Programs

9:00 am: Contemplative Celebration – The early service includes extensive use of creation spirituality as well as other traditions’ contemplative practices. The format is open, flexible, and evolving. 

10:00 am: Adult Sunday School Hour – Adult classes including the Happy Heretics and the Social Justice classes

11:00 am: Blended Celebration – This service combines creation spirituality with traditional elements. The choir performs at this service and the band plays once a month. 

Children’s Programming

9:00am: Childcare is available during the 9:00am worship celebration.

10:00am: During the Adult Sunday School hour, we offer the following programs:

Youth Cafe – Teens and Tweens eat, socialize, and learn in the Youth Room

Children’s Community Hour – Playtime in the classroom wing; nursery care also available

11:00am: Children’s Time, our formal programming for children, takes place in the classroom wing during the 11:00am worship celebration. Children remain with their parents or guardians until the Children’s Circle during the service and then walk back to the classroom with the children’s ministry staff.

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Trinity Church of Austin is located at 4001 Speedway in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Austin, Texas. 

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