Evolving Small Group Ministries

Trinity’s small group offerings are changing and evolving! We offer groups for study, socializing, spiritual exploration, and more, and our groups meet both onsite and virtually. Group facilitators are supported through group trainings with our interim lead pastor.

Our latest offerings, including short-term classes, can be found in our weekly e-mail newsletter. Some of our standing groups are described below!

Happy Heretics

The Happy Heretics meet in the Parlor behind the sanctuary and across from the choir room. We are a collection of explorers intellectually seeking truth. We expose ourselves to the known and unknown—including writings, traditions, and mystics of all religions and philosophies, from the distant past to the present day. These—coupled with doses of philosophy, religion and spirituality, personal opinion, and conjecture—frame our discussion around the issues of the day, comparing notes, asking questions, and gracefully challenging ourselves. Loel Graber facilitates our group.

Social Justice

The Social Justice class meets down the hall from the Community Room next to the food pantry in the northeast corner of the building. The class, which has been meeting for over 15 years, creates a community space for individuals who are working towards justice in their daily lives to explore different social justice topics together on Sunday mornings.

For more information, contact Deana (512-480-0884) or Kenneth Henry by phone or in person, or e-mail the church office.

Trinity Stitchers

This dedicated group of crafters meets in the Community Room to share ideas, work on projects, and socialize. With skills ranging from crochet to quilting, projects often raise funds for church activities and the Hope Food Pantry. No experience necessary! Cheerleaders welcome.

For more information, contact LeeAnn Tacchi or Nima Moore or e-mail the church office.

Nonbinary Kindred

Currently On Pause

Adults of all gender identities are invited to join the Nonbinary Kindred, a new adult Sunday School group that meets twice a month on Sunday afternoons. The Nonbinary Kindred are exploring issues of embodiment, including gender, power, and race relations. They began their reflection with the work of visionary science fiction author Octavia Butler.

For more information, contact Haley Sietz via the church office.

Trinity Celebration Choir

The choir performs at the 11am service during the school year. The choir room is behind the sanctuary across from the parlor. No experience necessary! Come celebrate and sing!

Contact our music director Tim Brace for more information about the Trinity Celebration Choir.

Trinity Earth Band

Trinity musicians periodically perform under the moniker Trinity Earth Band at 11am. You might hear songs from artists such as U2, Jackson Browne, Feeder, or Tom Petty. By placing secular artists in the context of worship, lyrics expand our understanding of the sacred.

Contact our music director Tim Brace for more information about the Trinity Earth Band.

United Methodist Women (UMW)

Meets on the 2nd Sunday of the month

The Trinity UMW chapter meets in the church parlor after 11:00am service. The purpose of the group is to know God and experience freedom as whole persons through the teachings of Jesus; to develop a creative and supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission and through participation in the global ministries of the UMC. Membership is open to any woman who wishes to participate.

Contact Emily Albrecht or Susie Tacchi in person or through the church office for more information.

Parents’ Care of the Soul (COTS) Group

ON PAUSE (formerly 4th Sunday of the month)

This energized bunch of parents of young children bonds over coffee as well as the trials and joys of parenting. Meeting either at Trinity at 10am or off-campus at 9:30am—Central Market is a favorite spot—this group chats about how to raise aware, compassionate kids in difficult times.

When meeting at church, children are invited to the children’s community hour. When meeting off-campus, children play while parents talk.

Contact the church office to be added to the Parents’ COTS e-mail list, or for more information.